Cornhill Scotland


The fundamental conviction underlying the work of Cornhill Scotland is that when the Bible is taught God speaks: His voice is heard clearly today.

The Cornhill Training Course was started in London in 1991 by David Jackman. Cornhill is one of the ministries of the Proclamation Trust which arose out of the expository preaching ministry of Dick Lucas, Rector of St Helen’s Bishopsgate, in the City of London, from 1961 to 1998. Scotland’s Cornhill Training Course, based in Central Glasgow, was established in 2006.

Our primary aim is to train men to preach. The course is designed to equip Christians to:

  • Understand the Bible accurately
  • Teach the Bible effectively
  • Apply the Bible appropriately.

Alongside this, we train men and women to teach the Bible in other contexts such as youth and children’s work and women’s ministries.

Cornhill is an integrated course that endeavours not just to impart information but to fashion and shape Christian people to be servants of the word of Christ. Our teaching is interactive and practical, with group work, questions and discussion. All training is in partnership with a local church. We aim to serve the church by training the preachers and Bible teachers of the future.

A further aim is to provide a fellowship of like-minded evangelicals across the denominations for encouragement in an exacting work.

We do this through our full-time training courses:

Occasional conferences:

We are unashamed to follow the whole truth of Biblical Christianity, and are committed to the paths of historic Christian orthodoxy and evangelical doctrine.

We are unashamed to re-call ministers to the work of Biblical preaching and teaching, believing that this alone will equip the saints for the work of ministry.

We are unashamed to witness to the sufficiency of Scripture and the power of the Gospel as the only hope for genuine Christian unity.

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