Cornhill Scotland

The Psalms Evening Classes, Autumn 2010

Bob Fyall

“The Psalms, or at least some of them, are often among people’s favourite parts of the Bible. They speak directly into situations of joy and grief and run the whole gamut of human emotions. Yet they contain many problems and puzzles and many challenges to accepted ways of thinking. On five evenings we did not attempt an exhaustive study of the Psalter but engaged with some of the different kinds of Psalm and the issues they raised.”

week 01 Lost in wonder, love and praise   Psalms 148-150, filesize: 23.6MB, runtime: 1:18:35
week 02 Crying from the depths   Psalm 77, filesize: 21.1MB, runtime: 1:10:28
week 03 Take away the love of sinning   Psalm 51, filesize: 21.4MB, runtime: 1:11:27
week 04 Cursing our enemies   Psalm 137, filesize: 22.5MB, runtime: 1:14:50
week 05 Through all the changing scenes of life   Psalm 139, filesize: 22MB, runtime: 1:13:18


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