Cornhill Scotland

Expository Ministry Conference, 2023

Expository Ministry Conference

‘Serving the Servants of the Word’

Tuesday 20th – Thursday 22nd June, 2023

The first of our expanded program of two summer conferences is principally for Pastors and others serving in full-time congregational ministry, and will be focused there, though any who would benefit from this kind of equipping conference is welcome to come. Our aim is to sharpen preaching of God’s Word, think Biblically about the work of ministry, and encourage one another in our service of the Lord.

There will be plenary morning sessions each day on ‘Exposition for Expositors’, and ‘Thinking Theologically about Ministry’, while optional afternoon sessions will be available for Pastors (and trainee pastors doing PTC), as well as for CTC students who also join in the plenary sessions. Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons will conclude with two ‘Practical Ministry’ sessions which we hope will help in various aspects of pastoring people. On Thursday afternoon, we warmly invite everyone to join us for our Cornhill Valedictory Service.

More details of the programme and how to book will follow.

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